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Zeng Hao Dun Huang Art Studio

Zeng Hao Dun Huang Art Studio
ZengHao,The Famous Young Painter From SICHUAN ZiGong,Is A Painter Member Of Dun Huang Creative Centre OF Arts Association In China. He Loves Ancient Chinese Culture Deeply And Fuses Western Painting Skill With Fashional Thoughts. Along The Silk Road Dreams Of Fei Tian In Flower Shower, ZengHaos Dun Huang Fei Tian Series Have Been Displayed In Singapo,Hong Kong And So On. They Gained Many Praises From Outside. Let's Enjoy Them.

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My imagery My Oil-painting

When I first walked into the mysterious world of Dunhuang, the fabulous paintings and sculptures got my eyes immediately. The splendor and profundity of Dunhuang art shocked me deeply. I visited this holy land of Buddhism many times later as a pilgrim to observe and learn the spirits of it, and determined to promote the grandeur Dunhuang art to the whole world.

After back to my hometown from Dunhuang, I threw myself into the creations of Dunhuang Flying series with my whole heart. For the sake of expressing the profound historical spirit of Dunhuang art sufficiently and met the aesthetic taste of modern people; I adopted western romantic oil painting style instead of only the existing rock painting technique of Dunhuang art and combined it successfully with the traditional Chinese culture and current aesthetic prevalence. The Dunhuang Goddess I created is an embodiment of the Saint, nobleness and goodness of human nature. The same spirit is also expressed in my landscape oil paintings.

The AvalOkiteSVara Goddess used to appear as a male figure in the paintings before the Tang period in China. However, his image gradually became more gentle, feminine and beautiful in later periods after Tang and finally turned into a beautiful, kind woman. We could see that even the culture of Buddhism is also based on the common costumes of the world, just more ideal than the common world.

In the figure creation of the Dunhuang goddess, I combined the face characteristics of western people into my paintings since Dunhuang is along the Silk Road between Eastern and Western world. I also fused the Classic beauty and modern beauty successfully in the Goddess I drew. My Dunhuang oil painting series are not only aimed at promoting religion belief, but also used to describe a tranquil, peaceful and romantic paradise in my deep heart at this busy material world through the concrete image of AvalOkiteSVara Goddess and Feitian Goddess I created.

The costumes and jewelries drawn on Dunhuang fresco are gorgeous, but they lack the hierarchical and stereoscopic perception. After consulting the characteristics of a great deal of Chinese minority dresses, I combined some patterns of modern brocade and self-created patterns together to increase the natural and graceful feeling of Dunhuang Goddess, making their image seems more stereoscopic and modern at the same time. The jewelries of the Goddess are mostly silver with red ruby and sapphire beads on them. I also paid attention to the skin texture of the painting particularly to give the viewer a strong visual shock. The Dunhuang series of my oil paintings are totally different from traditional Dunhuang image in the figures, costume, jewelries and backgrounds. The Dunhuang figures are always characterized as chubby face and body with no extremely big change in their costumes and jewelries in the fresco paintings of Dunhuang Mogao Cave and other Chinese painting works of former artists. However, the Dunhuang Goddesses I created are totally different from the former paintings with peaceful expression and modern beautiful appearance. They also shock the user deeply in heart with pure, amiable spirits and in-depth culture through the fashion visual effects. Dunhuang is a culture where the tradition and creative ideas co-exist. I comprehend and interpret the spirit of Dunhuang from the view of our own era and express the belief of Buddhism from a new angle. My paintings are more original and humanized with immense novel ideas and modern charms. They are not only the perfect image of the real world but also the retrospect and yearn for the ancient traditional culture.

I could say proudly that the Dunhuang Goddess I created is the real goddess in my heart. She is also the soul of the pure truth, goodness and beauty.

Dunhuang is an mysterious book which I could never finished reading. And I will continue reading and deploring it until the end of my life

Nice and secluded in far quite freedom

-by Xia Jun

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