vineri, 7 februarie 2014

Anna de Noailles nascuta printesa Brancoveanu

Anna de Noailles, nascuta printesa Brancoveanu. 
A fost fashion-icon-ul Europei in Belle Epoque.
A fost admirata si adorata de Marcel Proust, Jean Cocteau, Colette, Rodin, Paul Valéry, André Gide.

If you want, we will make our house so beautiful
That we will stay there during summers and winter !
We will see frozen water thawing out around,
And yellowed trees turning green again.

Harmonious days and happy seasons
Will go by on the luminous side of the road,
Like beautiful children in cheerful groups 
Intertwining, playing and holding hands.

A rose tree will climb in front of our window
To christen the day with dew and fragrances ;
Docile herds that a child is grazing
Will spread on the fields their quiet naivety.

The frivolous sun and the thoughtful moon
Which wind around the smooth trunks of poplars
Will reflect in us their weary or lively souls, 
According to clear middays or familiar evenings.

We will make our hearts so simple and so gullible
That the charming spirits of past tales 
Will come back to inhabit old clocks
With secret, busy and courteous expressions.
In winter evenings, to better feel the flames,
We will both try to be a bit cold, 
And bright lights will dance in our souls
In the glimmer of the burning wood, which will look joyful.
Touched by the gentleness brought by Spring
We will have more unsettling dreams in April
And Love will quietly play on our door 
And count days with white pebbles.

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